Do’s and Don’ts for Making Designer Door Curtains

Door Curtains

The door is the entrance of your room, if it is designed appropriately it can help you earn a good impression. Curtains are the best choice for designing the door, they not only design your door but also hide if there is some and tear. If you just have moved to a new apartment, the first and foremost thing you are supposed to do is to hang the door curtains although you might have a door. A good pair of door panels can add more to the beauty of your new door and help it save from the dirt, germ, and getting old. Door curtains also make your place welcoming and give a special warm feeling whenever someone enters. They also create the illusion. 

Door Curtains

No doubt, door curtains decide the look of your place. They can transform the look completely. They can make your place look stylish and welcoming or make it look bad and cold. So you need to pay close attention when styling up your door. Here we are listing some styling do’s and don’ts to help you create designer door curtains. Keep on reading to find out…

Do’s for making the Designer Door curtains

Hang the door curtains high

It is advisable to hang the door curtains high because it creates an illusion of a high and wide door. It also creates a more luxurious look, so hang the curtain 12 to 15” higher than the door frame or from the ceiling. Other than this, you can extend the curtains’ rod 5 to 7” outward from each side to create fullness and wider impact.

Layer up the door curtains

Designers tend to layer up the curtains up to two or three layers commonly. You can add the drapes with sheer panels or the bamboo curtains with the chic linen or silk door curtains for a more volumetric and sophisticated look. It not only adds volume and creates a fullness effect but also enhances the functionality of the curtains. It enhances the style and makes your door prominent as well.

Hang the full-length door curtains

Do not but the door length or the sill length curtains. When buying the read made curtains you often have to compromise on the length of the curtains & this compromise can ruin the look completely. We advise you to go for made to measure curtains or the custom made curtains and get the full-length curtains. Full length curtains go all the way from ceiling to the floor. They sometimes smirk on the floor or are kept 1 to 2 cm high.

Go for different curtains for each door

 It is a good idea to rule out the monotonous look to go for the different curtains for each door. Every room and your front door should narrate their own story and own style. Like you cannot add the bedroom curtains in the dining room, or put the kitchen curtains in the sunroom curtains.

So, think twice before adding the door curtains to each door.

Don’t for making the Designer Door Curtains

Do not go for the door length curtains

Door length curtains make your door appear small and this can ruin the look. It also gives a crowded look and makes your place appear smaller. The door length curtains are not very functional as well.

Do not overdo

When styling up or layering up your door, do not go overboard. Multiple and unnecessary layers are not functional. Multiple layers mean adding more fabric to your door curtains, it will tend to block the air passage and light entering to your place. Which will eventually cause suffocation and make your place smelly & the less amount of light will make your place appear small as well?

Avoid adding blinds

Blinds are functional but not for the doors. As the door is supposed to bear more wear and tear and pressure which will break the plastic or the bamboo blinds or will discolor them. It will decrease the attractiveness and fascination of your place and make it look dull and ugly.

PRO TIP: Do not go for the same sized curtains for all doors.

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